Are You a First Time Home Seller? Start Here!

First Time Home Seller?  Start Here!


Now that you’ve decided to put your home on the market, the overwhelm is starting to set in and you’re asking yourself, “Where do I start?” Here are a few guidelines to follow to get your home ready for the market.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Prestwich, the Prestwich Group at Madison & Company Properties. I’ve helped hundreds of sellers in Adams and Broomfield counties in Colorado sell their homes and I understand how overwhelming it can be to prepare your home to sell. I’ve found that by having a plan to follow, you can better prepare your home for those house hunters.

The first thing you can do is a big one and everyone needs to do it in some way, shape, or form. And that is to declutter and deep clean your home. By decluttering and cleaning your home, it’s gonna look much bigger and brighter. Now this can be a long process, but the sooner you start the better. Take a really good look at each room and pack up anything that you won’t need for the next few months. This includes any personal items, including family photos, and any collections or memorabilia you may have. Remember you’re gonna be packing and moving it all soon anyway, so it’s a great idea to get a headstart.

Next, you wanna make sure that your home is spotlessly clean. A dirty, or even just a messy home makes buyers feel that the home hasn’t been kept up and they may even decide to look elsewhere. Help your home shine to prospective buyers by cleaning it from top to bottom, including dusting on top of the cabinets, wiping down the baseboards, cleaning light switches, and deep cleaning the grout. It’s also a good idea to have the furnace and air conditioner cleaned and serviced to make sure everything’s in good working order.

If your home hasn’t had a fresh coat of paint on those walls for a while, you may wanna consider painting. This is also a good idea if your paint scheme is very specific to your own taste. Now, while you may love your purple kitchen, it might make your kitchen feel a little dark and cave-like to a buyer.

These are some great tips to get started on the inside, but I also want you to think about curb appeal. Have you ever heard the expression, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? Well, that goes triple when you’re selling your house. You wanna make sure the buyer’s first look isn’t the only look they take.

Now, this is serious. I’ve actually had buyers who love the interior photos but then told me to keep on driving when we pulled up because the house just kinda looked neglected. So mow, weed, and trim like your mother-in-law’s coming to dinner and make sure the door itself is polished to a sparkle.

To learn more about this and for more practical steps you need to think about when selling, check out the next video. These steps will help you in selling your home faster and for more money. If you need more information, feel free to call me. I’m Jennifer Prestwich, the Prestwich Group at Madison & Company properties. I’m out here living the Denburbs life and wanna help you do it, too.

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