Do I REALLY Need a Home Inspection When I’m Buying a House? Part 1 of 7

Video Transcription

Do I really need a home inspection when I’m buying a home? What if it’s only two or three years old? Wouldn’t it still be in perfect shape?

Hi, I’m Jennifer Prestwich, the Prestwich group at Madison Company Properties. You should absolutely always have an independent inspection done when you buy a home, no matter how old, or young it, is or how clean it looks. In this inspection video series, I’m going cover some of the main items of concern when you’re buying a home, and what to look for in an inspection report results.

First of all, trying to save money by not doing a home inspection. Well, it’s like trying to save money on car maintenance by not changing the oil. The little bit that you save now could potentially cost you thousands later on.

A good home inspector’s job is to identify issues with the home, so you can make informed decisions. Every home will have quirks and potential issues, but being able to identify what’s important and what is really cosmetic will keep the transaction moving forward. Even if you’ve found your dream home, remember that there is no such thing as a perfect house. And expecting a 30 year old home to be in the same shape as new construction, it’s just not reality.

I read through every home inspection report with my buyers and I help clarify with the inspectors any questions we may have. Remember the inspection period is your opportunity to peek under the hood and see what’s really going on with the house.

To start off, I’m going give you my top tip, always get a sewer scope. Even if the house is brand new.

I’m gonna tell you a little story. Last year, I had a buyer who purchased a home, that was only two years old. The sellers had purchased it brand new from the builder and had never had an independent inspection or a sewer scope done. I mean, it was brand new for them. There couldn’t be any problems with it right?


As it turns out, there was a break in the pipe and it was determined that it had been there since the house was built. Had the sellers had a scope done when they bought it from the builder, the builder would have had to repair it. Instead, they ended up footing an $8,000 bill to replace the broken pipe before they could sell it to my buyers.

Tune in to the next video, as we will cover an issue that you cannot see, hear, or smell. Radon.

I’m Jennifer Prestwich, the Prestwich Group at Madison and Company. I’m living the Denburbs, and I wanna help you do it too.

🤔 Do I *𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓵𝓵𝔂* need a home inspection when I'm buying a home?? 🏡
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