Do I REALLY Need a Home Inspection When I’m Buying a House? Part 3 of 7

Video Transcription

Don’t let Radon steal your deal. Hi, Jennifer Prestwich, the Prestwich group at Madison Company Properties.

What are considered “high” radon levels? Well, after having the radon test in place for 48 hours, the results will come back and you have hourly readings, as well as an average reading.

If the average reading comes back at four Picocuries per liter or higher, the EPA recommends action in the form of a radon mitigation system. So if the radon levels come back high, this is absolutely something I recommend buyers ask sellers to install .

In the State of Colorado, if sellers know the radon levels to be elevated, they’ll need to disclose it on the seller’s property disclosure.

Radon is a health and safety issue, so smart sellers are likely to work with you to remediate the radon, so everyone can get to the closing table. The problem is fixable, and the cost of the system can be anywhere between around 900 to around 1500 dollars.

The mitigation system uses a vent pipe and fans, to remove radon vapors from under the foundation, and exhaust them above the roof outside. You want to retest after installation, and it’s a good idea to keep a radon monitor in the basement to ensure that the levels stay at a safe level.

In the next video, we’re gonna talk about mold, eww. I’m Jennifer Prestwich, the Prestwich group at Madison and company. I’m living the Denburbs life, and I wanna help do you do it too.

🤔 Do I *𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓵𝓵𝔂* need a home inspection when I'm buying a home?? 🏡 Part 3
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