Do I REALLY Need a Home Inspection When I’m Buying a House? Part 5 of 7

Video Transcript

What is polybutylene piping? And what does it mean to a home buyer?

Hi, I’m Jennifer Prestwich The Prestwich Group at Madison & Company Properties. You may have never even have heard of this type of piping, but polybutylene piping was installed from 1978 until 1995, when it was discontinued because of numerous leaks and class action lawsuits.

Builders and installers liked it because it was easy to work with and much less expensive than copper piping. Polybutylene pipes experienced numerous leaks usually due to the compression bands and it was later discovered that chlorinated water damaged the interior of the pipes.

To check for Poly-B pipes just go the water heater and see what types of pipes are running off of it. Your inspector should be able to help you determine if the pipes are Poly-B.

Should you purchase a home with polybutylene piping? Well, if it’s the perfect house on the perfect lot in a great neighborhood, then yes. But make sure you get an estimate for the repair or replacement of the system and then try to negotiate the repair or suitable dollar amount with the seller, if you can.

If not, you’ll have to determine if you are able to take on the cost of this repair after you close, because you’re gonna inherit this issue as the new owner.

Once again, if the seller knows there’s Poly-B piping, they must disclose this on the seller’s property disclosure.

Hey, every house is gonna have its own set of issues but being well informed will help you make the right decisions. Tune into the next inspection video where I will talk a little bit about structural issues. I’m Jennifer Prestwich The Prestwich Group at Madison & Company Properties. I’m living the Denburbs life and I wanna help you do it too.

🤔 Do I *𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓵𝓵𝔂* need a home inspection when I'm buying a home?? 🏡 Part 5, Polybutylene Pipes
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